11 Dec 2019
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The Team

Heiko Müller, who lives in Norrbotten, sees an endless potential of activities in North Sweden and he never gets tired to accentuate the wonderful sights of Lappland: endless, warm summer days, the tremendous light, lots of snow during winter with many opportunities, like driving snow scooter, ice fishing, dog teams and a lot more. Not to forget the mystical nature with those deep blue rivers and the sea, of course. Most of the people have a wrong image of this area and its is Heiko´s wish to show them the real sides of Norrbotten / Lappland.

Ortwin Schroeder, who lives at the Swedish west coast, or as they say “the front page of Sweden” is mostly interested in vintage Volvo cars. He enjoys driving with his Volvo 144 through Bohuslän along the rocky roads of the archipelago. As part of the VROM team, he collected a lot of experience in organising and handling big meetings. Now, there are two annual Volvo meetings in Sweden: the VOMAC in Norrbotten in winter and the VROM in Gothenburg in summer.


E-mail: info@vomac.org
Phone: +46 (0)70 298 66 99 (Heiko) and/or +46 (0)73 986 36 14 (Ortwin)

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